About RoboSpark India

About Us

 We are considered to be the chief in Industrial Automation, Embedded Systems as well as Robotics products. We are at the edge of the innovation chain; we are making this technology available to individuals worldwide. At RoboSpark, our experts let you enter the world of urban age of robots; we offer a wide range of products and services in this very sector. Over the last few decades, we have accomplished numerous research successes in:

  1.          Autonomous vehicles
  2.          Manufacturing
  3.          Medical robotics
  4.          Space related robots
  5.          Computer vision
  6.          Graphics and;
  7.         Anthropomorphic robots

We bring together the experts of this field from across the world to connect the robotics community to the rest of the world. We believe that these products have the potential to improve the world we live in and can influence human race itself. 


At RoboSparks, our vision is to be the globally recognized organization that positively impacts our lives.

OUR Mission?

At RoboSparks, our mission is to deliver efficient electronic solutions for robotic applications and which can be used for different purposes.